1.Can ELLI be used with younger children?

We suggest ELLI be used with children of 8 years and above, depending on the situation; teachers will know their own children best. Younger children can use the Seven Dimensions of Learning ™ to great effect, particularly when teachers implements metaphors such as the ‘ELLI animals’, puppets, creative play etc. Since there are 72 questions in the ELLI survey for schools, teachers may also find inventive ways to use the survey with their charges; for instance, working through a number of questions per day as part of a larger project, rather than implementing them all at once. One of our specialised consultants will be able to advise on best practice within your particular school context.

2.Can students with learning difficulties use ELLI?

Yes, despite the text-based nature of the tool it has been used with great success amongst students with learning difficulties. Our specialised school consultants will be able to advise on best practice within your particular context.

3.How safe is my data?

All personal data is maintained within a secure online space exclusive to your organisation, to which access is provided only to designated organisational administrators. No statistical data is released for academic research purposes without the client organisation’s express written consent to participate in a specific research project. See our full terms and conditions here.

1.Is the ELLI data SPSS or SIMS compatible?


2.Can I use ELLI in my academic research?

Yes. Please contact us for further details.

3.Can I use ELLI as a selection tool in recruitment?

We advise that ELLI is not used in this way, since we hope ELLI is used to help learners to learn. We can not, of course, dictate its manner of usage. We would caution however that ELLI is not a static metric – it is designed to allow progression and development, and so while it might be employed usefully as part of a workbench of other selection metrics, we would not necessarily recommend sole usage as a selection tool.

4.Is ELLI available in my country?

ELLI is available anywhere in the world that has an internet connection! We are currently working to expand ELLI’s availability in languages other than English.