ELLI, made available exclusively through Vital Partnerships, was developed at the University of Bristol by Prof. Patricia Broadfoot CBE, Prof. Guy Claxton and Dr. Ruth Deakin-Crick. Click here to read Professor Broadfoot’s blog entry on ELLI’s inception. Initially developed as a pedagogical tool for school students, ELLI has been found equally at home in universities and colleges, prisons and workplaces. Already used around the world in its English-language versions, we hope to continue with plans to translate ELLI into additional languages.



ELLI is a deceptively simple but research-validated self-assessment tool based around the Seven Dimensions of Learning ™. These are:

  • Curiosity
  • Resilience
  • Learning Relationships
  • Changing and Learning
  • Strategic Awareness
  • Meaning Making
  • Creativity


On completion of the profile, the learning dispositions are visually mapped onto a seven-spoked ‘spidergram’. This provides the focus for further development, which can be undertaken independently, with the help of a trained ELLI practitioner, or as otherwise implemented within your organisation. We can help you tailor a solution to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

ELLI data exports in several ways. Our unique web system presents the data in sortable, interactive group cohort graphs, showing the distribution of the Learning Dimensions within a group. The system also exports research-quality SIMS/SPSS compatible meta-data. Such data can be analysed by professional researchers to provide a more detailed overview of your organisation’s learning development, and to map into larger learning studies.

In order to get the best of ELLI within your organisational context, it is best to work with one of our experienced consultants and/or attend an ELLI workshop. Enquire now for further information.

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