We work with schools, colleges and universities around the world to co-create tailored learning solutions and measurable interventions for students and teachers alike.
Students: Using our unique Learning Power systems we can help any school improve learning and attainment, with measurable improvement. The Seven Dimensions of Learning can be used with children of any age to help them articulate their own learning processes, and become more aware of themselves as agents of their own destiny. For children and young people who might otherwise become disengaged from school and their learning capabilities, this in itself is transforming. Older children can take advantage of the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory (ELLI), a unique, research-validated system where learners can take stock of their learning strengths, and with supported interventions can build on them. ELLI data can also be used for benchmarking, and is fully compatible with SIMS and SPSS.
ELLI is also being used in colleges and universities around the world, to aid student engagement and personal development. Its measurable statistics can also help identify patterns of learning across the student body.
Education Staff: In our client organisations, ELLI is used amongst staff as well as students to improve personal and professional development, and to change the learning culture to one where everyone recognises themselves as a lifelong learner. We can also tailor specific programmes for education leaders and middle-management.
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