Our global network of professional coaches and consultants are amongst the best in their respective fields – and we are always looking for new talent. Learning systems are effective when used in a range of personal development and coaching techniques. Many professional coaches are incorporating
Learning Power systems into their practice to use with their private clients – alongside, or instead of, other personal development metrics. As an education or corporate consultant, you may wish to work with our learning systems on a grander scale, and introduce such systems into large organisations – schools, colleges, workplaces, prisons – to help them reach their specific organisational goals.
If you are a coach wishing to use ELLI in your private practice, contact us to find out more. To become one of our professional consultants and deliver Learning Power systems into organisations you will need to have completed one or more of our training courses – enquire here for details of upcoming events. You will also have extensive experience in a relevant field, be that education, human resources, coaching or personal development. Contact us for further details.
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